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769497 Plus Size Solid Color Pleated Shorts Pant

33018 Plus Size Chiffon Half-Sleeved Top

RM 169.00RM 152.10Add to CartRM 179.00RM 161.10Add to Cart

3917 Plus Size Plaid High Waist Long Pant

20509 Plus Size Flare Button Details Culottes

RM 179.00RM 161.10Add to CartRM 209.00RM 188.10Add to Cart

210291 Plus Size Square Neck Splicing Mesh Half Long Sleeves¡¾ NETT PRICE ¡¿

96631 Plus Size Print Detail Cheongsam Dress ¡¾1st 40% 2nd 50% Onwards¡¿

RM 68.00Add to CartRM 339.00RM 203.40Add to Cart

B6005 Square Neck Puff Sleeve Top

2075 Plus Size Denim Embroiderd Dress ¡¾1st 40% 2nd 50%Onwards ¡¿

RM 179.00RM 161.10Add to CartRM 279.00RM 167.40Add to Cart

202272 Plus Size Floral Puff Sleeved Midi Dress¡¾1st 40% 2nd 50% Onwards¡¿

769226 Plus Size Overlap Front Zip Long Culottes

RM 329.00RM 197.40Add to CartRM 189.00Add to Cart

MF6672 Plus Size Rubber Waist Flare Culottes

22803 Plus Size Embroiderd Pleated Sleeved Dress ¡¾1st 40% 2nd 50%Onwards ¡¿

RM 199.00RM 159.20Add to CartRM 289.00RM 173.40Add to Cart

210288 Plus Size Puff Sleeved In Floral Symphony ¡¾1st 40% 2nd 50% Onwards¡¿

22755 Plus Size Floral Detail Sleeve Dress

RM 279.00RM 167.40Add to CartRM 319.00RM 287.10Add to Cart

769391 Plus Size Button Detail Straight-Leg Trousers ¡¾1st 40% 2nd 50% Onwards¡¿

210242 Plus Size Square Neck Striped Dress ¡¾1st 40% 2nd 50%Onwards ¡¿

RM 189.00RM 113.40Add to CartRM 249.00RM 149.40Add to Cart

12270280 Plus Size Pleated Puff Sleeve Flared Dress

3622 Plus Size High Waist Pocket Pencil Pants

RM 299.00RM 239.20Add to CartRM 179.00RM 161.10Add to Cart

769149 Plus Size Button Details Side Zip Long Culottes

769367 Plus Size High Waist Wide Leg Culotte ¡¾1st 40% 2nd 50% Onwards¡¿

RM 199.00RM 179.10Add to CartRM 189.00RM 113.40Add to Cart

386282 Plus Size High Waist Mid Length Wide Leg Pants ¡¾1st 40% 2nd 50% Onwards¡¿

12270197 Plus Size Ruffled Collarbone Shoulder Top

RM 189.00RM 113.40Add to CartRM 239.00RM 191.20Add to Cart

82658 Plus Size Fungus Lace Collar Embroidered Flower Top ¡¾1st 40% 2nd 50% Onwards¡¿

12270039 Plus Size 3D Flower Long Sleeved Top

RM 179.00RM 107.40Add to CartRM 189.00RM 151.20Add to Cart

12270055 Plus Size Front Button Sleeveless Top

MF105 Plus Size Buckle Drape Skirt

RM 199.00RM 159.20Add to CartRM 149.00Add to Cart


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